Your Bowen Session

What to expect at your Bowen session

The Bowen Technique is mainly performed on a soft therapy couch. However, it can be preformed while seated or in a wheelchair if required.

The Bowen moves are performed on skin or over light clothing e.g. cotton t-shirt and cotton trousers, and you will be covered by a towel or blanket.  Small areas will be uncovered to enable the practitioner to make the moves. 
The Bowen move is very gentle with minimal of pressure to challenge the muscle and roll over tendons, nerves and ligaments. There are frequent but very essential pauses where the therapist leaves the room for a few minutes, so that the body absorbs, interprets and responds to the moves being performed and start the healing process. The practitioner will observe and feel how the body tissue is reacting to the moves and incorporate this into the treatment. The practitioner will treat the body as a whole but can also target a specific area of concern.

The initial Bowen session will last approximately 60 minutes which includes a consultation and taking a Case History.  Further sessions will be approximately 30-50 minutes depending on the individual requirements.
How many treatments will I require?

It is advisable to have 3 treatments spaced a week apart to gage your response to Bowen. However it is not uncommon for conditions to respond effectively following the first session. Further sessions are recommended regularly to prevent re-injury and to maintain a healthy body and mind.

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