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Jaw, back & fallen arches
What surprises me is that the Bowen method of treatment practised by Beverley isn’t more widely known. It has been well-proven in treating sports injuries, it corrects skeletal misalignments stemming for example from sedentary lifestyles, it addresses joint, muscle and ligament injuries,etc., etc. 
To date, it has successfully treated a back pain problem I used to have, it has helped me
quickly recover from tennis injuries, yesterday it realigned my jaw following dental surgery, and it has corrected a fallen arch dating back 60 years to my childhood. There are no medicines, medicine side-effects, medical aids or equipment.
 Beverley very skilfully triggers the body to realign and heal itself - quite remarkable!

Richard Horton, Belfast.

Shoulder and wrist pain
I suffered from pain in my right wrist and shoulder for quite a few months. My G.P prescribed anti inflammatory medication which didn't help. After receiving two Bowen treatments I have now been pain free for over a year. It is a wonderful, gentle, highly effective therapy.

C. Wilson, Hillsborough Co Down

Having suffered from I.B.S for 9 years I decided to try Bowen. Tablets from the doctor were not working and the health shop remedies were not working either. I would have pain and swelling in my abdomen on a daily basis. My last resort was Bowen. After contacting Beverley I decided to give it a go. What did I have to lose!! After my consultation with Beverley and my medical history given, she started using Bowen. This was a painless procedure lasting around an hour. I really did feel better immediately. Beverley was very thorough and professional, explaining what she was doing. After my third session I have to admit I felt 90 percent better. The flair ups are now few and far between, and thanks to her work I can now lead a productive life. She really did change my life for the better. Thanks Beverley and the Bowen Technique, I'm so glad I came to see you. 

Mrs Calvert,  Belfast Co Down

Baby reflux and teething pain baby 6 months old 
Bryn's first experience of Bowen was when he was 6 months old. He suffered with silent reflux (as did my previous 2 boys) and also terrible teething pain. I was surprised at how quick and gentle the treatment was, causing no upset to the baby. After four short treatments his digestion and reflux improved and after just one treatment his teething pain seemed to vanish! Now I take him as needed for Bowen. He is 9 months and off all medication for reflux and sleeping much better at night. 
Beverley is brilliant with him and Bryn loves seeing her! She is very calming, patient and professional. I would highly recommend her and Bowen treatment.

Carolyn Heasley

Chronic back pain 

I can fully endorse Beverley and the great work she carries out. I have had two back operations and will not go and bore you all to death with the details. When I went to Beverley at the start of last year I was in agony and 3 treatments later I felt better than ever. I've had a couple of flare ups and went back, had a couple more sessions and again have been great for months. I have given Beverley's name to many of my friends and will continue to do so. When you are in pain every avenue is worth exploring. Give this a go. Thanks Bev 

S. Hilden

Torn calf muscle
I went to Beverley with a torn calf muscle and after one session I could put my foot on the ground again and no longer needed pain killers, needless to say I was delighted with this instant result. I then went back for a longer session and found afterwards that the neck trouble I had accepted as part of my life was greatly improved - I hadn't mentioned this trouble to Bev at the time of the session. I`ll be back for more as my knees give me trouble at times and I feel this could add improvement there. Its an interesting technique and worth every penny.
I`m so curious about how this technique would work if you went without any injury - I`d recommend it to anyone!

J. Pettigrew

Sciatica / back pain
My grandmother had suffered from chronic leg pain and doctors had been unable to find a solution, after one visit to Beverley the pain had gone. On this recommendation I visited Beverley with a bad back and was amazed at the results after one session. Lovely woman and couldn't recommend highly enough.

S. Latimer

Knee injury
Beverley s a lifesaver, I said goodbye to the pain after my knee ligament injury. I tried almost everything I was so relieved when I found the Bowen Therapy because it's really working! When I had a sharp muscle pain in my shoulder I didn't hesitate for a minute to call her and book an appointment asap. I recommend her to everyone, she is a miracle.

A. Balog

Back pain
Sorted my bad back right out!
Brilliant highly recommeded!

C. Patrick-Simpson

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