Friday, 4 March 2016

Get Back In The Game

Bowen Technique: Safe, effective therapy for concussion

World wide, taking into account every aspect of medicine, there is no known remedy for the symptoms of sports-induced concussion, known as post-concussion syndrome (PCS), traumatic brain injury (TBI). Concussions in the sporting field occur regularly causing disruption of proper brain function. Symptoms may include confusion, disorientation, noticeably poor coordination, impaired vision,slurred speech, vomiting, forgetfulness, jaw irregularities, lethargy and more.
Despite the immense knowledge of world-renowned neurologists there still remains no effective treatment, Until Bowen......

 Between 1996 and 2003, Craig Mattimoe (2005), a Bowen Therapy practitioner in Menlo Park, California, USA conducted a non-experimental pilot-study on 30 volunteer adolescent athletes diagnosed with concussion, aged 15-29 (5 females, 25 males) and applied the Bowen Therapy Concussion Resolution Protocol (CRP) as a singular therapeutic intervention. 30 athletes were treated once, however, there were a total of 33 PCS cases as 1 athlete had 2 concussion episodes and was treated twice and another athlete had 3 concussion episodes and received 3 treatments over the time of the study, accounting for 33 cases. Mattimoe’s data showed that of the cases (n=33) treated with CRP, 90.9% self-reported as being asymptomatic within 72 hours or less, and 78.8 % were asymptomatic and medically cleared within 72 hours. One PCS case with the longest lingering symptoms took 12 days to recover. (Note: this study preceded the current 6-stage RTP protocols now used by most athletic trainers and coaches).

Such collectively swift asymptomatic resolution of an incomprehensible and remedy-less neurological condition is not only clinically significant but also unprecedented.

Read Mr Craig Mattimoe's full article below:

Bowen as Sports Medicine - Safely Resolving Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS)  
by Craig Mattimoe 
Senior Bowen Technician, a Sports Injury Recovery Consultant, a Sports Injury Prevention Strategist  and Concussion Resolution Specialist.

Nowhere is the magic of Bowen more evident than in time-critical sporting applications. A gasping athlete rushes out of a game wide-eyed, both hands clutching his sternum; or grimacing in agony gingerly carrying a wrist aloft; or twisted and contorted, favouring an injury that is not immediately evident; or staring vacantly, staggering to the sideline. He or she may only say, “can’t breathe” or “something popped” or “fingers went numb” or “I saw stars.” You have only seconds to apply a good move or two, or if you’re lucky, a full minute to work some magic before the player sucks it up and has to go back in the game.